Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunny Califronia

I'm back in sunny California. California is not my favorite place but I'm liking it right now because the weather in Oregon is coldy and rainy still. I still miss home though. Yesterday we started a new quarter and all new classes. My class schedule is not very fun, because I have 3 labs. This quarter I am taking: Natural history of California (Science), accounting system in small business, women of the bible, history of western art, microsoft word, and organic vegetable gardening. Is it weird that I have already figured out my finals schedule for June? Oh and some new news. I'm signed up for summer classes. Only the first session though which lasts 3 weeks. Trying to get a little bit ahead.

3 more days till the weekend!
8 more days until my sister comes to visit!

Update on Grandma Mary...
She got to go home today, well not exactly to her home but to my house. My mom will be taking care of her for awhile. She is still in a lot of pain from breaking her pelvis and she gets confused a lot. She currently thinks my aunt got married to a guy name Ryan last weekend and that she went to the wedding shower and got a quilt (we do not know anyone by the name of Ryan haha) so theres funny times and sad times. Thank you for your prayers :)

Friday, March 27, 2009


Although I didn't get to go somewhere warm for springbreak, it was good to go home. I like going to school in California but I also miss my family and friends in Oregon a lot. I really miss hanging out with my sister too. We have lots of goofy fun times together.

So this week I....
  • Visited my grandma a lot
  • Played the Piano
  • Got a Pedicure :)
  • Went Shopping with my mommy :D
  • Had lunch with my best friend Marissa who I haven't seen since Christmas!
  • Played rock band
  • Tried to do some odd jobs to make some money
  • Watched Twlight! (I can't wait till the next one comes out!)
  • Went to the movies and saw Fired Up with my sister
  • Made silly music videos
  • Read a book
  • Got my hair done

I usually am not looking forward to going back to school but I hear the weather in Angwin is sunny and I need sunshine. PUC, here I come. I'm ready for new classes, sun, fun, and.... having friends to hang out with again because I only have two friends that live at home and there gone this springbreak. Two more days and I'll be back at school.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elk Hunting

Springbreak started by going on an elk hunting trip with my family. We left Friday afternoon and drove most of the way in stayed in some friends cabin in Prineville (One of my favorite towns. I totally want to live there some day)! Saturday morning we woke up early and drove the rest of the way into the cabin. The cabin we go elk hunting at is on a huge ranch which is owned by some friends of my dads. To get to the cabin you have to drive over an hour on a muddy dirt road from the main road, so were pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. My sister and dad drove the ranger and me and my mom drove my dads truck. I had fun driving in and getting the truck all muddy!



So that afternoon we get all our gear together and dress in our camo. BTW, camo is awesome! You could roll around in the mud and nobody would know because the mud would blend in! Saturday we ended up chasing elk all over the ranch. To make a long story short, some other guys were hunting on the ranch. They killed one elk and wounded another. By wounded I mean the elk was shot and then ran off. So they ended up tracking the wounded elk the rest of the day. Me and my dad end up seeing the wounded elk across a valley and decide to shoot at it. So we get the gun all set up on a tree and range find the elk. It was about 386 yards away. So I shoot it three times and we think its dead right? No. It starts walking up the hill! This is one tough elk because it was shot before we started shooting at it. It was too late to go look for it that night so we decide to look for it on Sunday. Sunday rolls around and we look for it all day and never find it. So it was another unsuccessful hunting trip :( Oh and I think I forgot to mention. We were hiking and all the sudden I told my dad "Dad, I think I smell elk". Thirty feet later, there’s one of the elk the other people had shot. How crazy is that? I can smell elk! Its just part of my awesome dinosaur skills :)
The weather for the weekend was pretty crazy. We had sunshine, snow, rain, and lots of wind. This morning when we woke up it was 18 degrees, brrrr! Oh! We also got to shoot lots of guns! Here's some more pictures from the rest of our fun weekend!
The scope hit my dad in the face. Mommy fixed him with a pretty bandaid!
Looking for Elk!
Me and Ashley shooting the AK47 & AR15
Driving around in the ranger, trying to stay warm.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Final=the worst invention in the world!

I just want to go to bed and sleep till tomorrow morning!
The last time I slept was... Sunday morning.
Yep, I stayed up all night. Wanna know why? Because I had 4 finals today! Actually I'd be sleeping now if I was done with finals, but I have another one at 5:15, at least its not like an actually test. I just have to turn in a project and have a short exit interview.

7:30 Computer PC Operating Systems
9:45 Sales Management
12:30 Parables of Jesus
5:15 Business Communications.

I've never pulled an all nighter before. Pretty sure, its not my favorite thing.
Don't worry. I wasn't alone. During finals week they leave the lobby's open so we can stay in there all night studying. I just sat by the fake fire studying for hours. I think finals is the worst invention in the world.
The good news is, I think it was worth it because my finals went pretty well today.
One tomorrow: Statistical Methods
One Wednesday: Issues: God & Human Suffering

Then HOME Wednesday night!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More prayer needed

So last night at about 2:30 my sister Ashley calls me. My Grandma Mary is in the hospital again. Last night she went outside to have a smoke before bed and she didn't ask for any help. When she got up to go inside her feet slipped out from underneath her and she fell and broke her pelvis. When my mom found her she had dragged herself back in the house and was trying to crawl back to bed. The ambulance was called and she's at the hospital now. Her blood pressure was also very high again. Nothing much can be done for a broken pelvis except lots of pain medication. My dad broke his pelvis in 2001 and all he could do was lay on the couch for 3 months. She's a stubborn old lady and she needs to learn that were there to take care of her and help her. I'm worried about her, please pray for her recovery.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well it sounds like my Grandma Mary is doing better. She is suppose to be getting released this afternoon from the hospital into my Mom's care and then she'll stay at our house until she can take care of herself or she'll be moved into a rehab center. Her blood pressure is more under control now but she is still weak in her left side and is having a hard time talking. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prayer Request

Please pray for my Grandma Mary. She had a stroke today from high blood pressure. Right now shes in the hospital and the left side of her arm and leg don't work very well and she's having a hard time talk. I'm really worried about her. Pray that her blood pressure goes down and that she will be alright.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Banquet 2009

So I said I would post about the banquet later. I was waiting to get the pictures from my friend Chelsea. So the banquet was really fun. Me and Trevor, and Chelsea and Eric drove together. It was in San Fransisco at a place called Teatro ZinZanni. They served a five course meal (mmmm yummy food) while we watched a type of circus comedy show called License to Kiss. There was a comedian, acrobatic dancers, singing, and other cool stuff. It was really good time full of laughs. And for those of you who aren't Adventist. For kids who go to Adventists schools, a banquet is like prom or a big dance. We get all dressed up and go do something fun instead of dance because according to the Adventist religion dancing is from the devil. I do not agree with that at all but what can I say, the church is still run by old conserative people.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

California Academy of Sciences

Today a few of my friends and me went to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. It was fun :) There was a cool aquarium and I saw a lot of weird and ugly fish. There was also a bunch of cool artifacts and science booths set up. The main reason we went was to see the planetarium show. It was pretty cool, but not what I expected. I had hoped to learn more about constellations. It was more about planets and stuff wait out there that we will never be able to see. Makes you feel pretty small here on earth. The coolest part about the science academy was the dinosaur skeleton! I love dinosaurs and it was so big and cool! After our exploration in the world of science we headed to the cheese cake factory for some yummy food. We only had to wait 40 minutes too (probably the shortest amount of time I've had to wait to be seated) crazy I know!

So now, since I'm restriction for not getting in by my curfew (last weekend) here at my lame school. I'm sitting in my dorm on a Saturday night. Think I'll watch a movie.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Awesome Weekend part 1

Friday Night a big group of friends went to San Fransisco to celebrate Eirene's 20th birthday. We went to a Japanese resturant and I don't really like oriental food but I found something that looked edible. I ordered terriaki chicken with rice. It was actually quite good. I also "learned" how to use chopsticks. At first I was doing ok with them but by the end of the night I got frustrated because I just wanted to eat my food. It is very difficult to eat rice with chop sticks. After eatting we hung out in San Fransisco and left late. We barely made it back by curfew. Actually we were ten minutes late but me and Amanda haven't gotten put on restriction yet so I think they'll let it slide. Here's some pictures from Friday Night.

Saturday a group of my friends drove to Vacaville to eat at Olive Garden. I love Olive Garden. It reminds me of home because every Saturday after church my family would go eat there. If there was a closer Olive Garden to PUC I'd go there more often. The reason we went to Olive Garden is because Sophie (my roommate from last year) had a big marathon she was running on Saturday and she needed to load up on carbs. After Olive Garden we went to Sports Authority and wandered around the store playing on the exercise equipment for about an hour or more. It's funny how easily entertaining a sports store can be with the right people. Trevor met us at Sports Authority and then we all headed back to PUC. If you don't know... PUC is not by anything cool. It's 40 minutes from any normal town. So with nothing to do, we went to the PUC talent show. After the talent show we were all hungry so Amanda, me, and the two Trevors (Trevor C. and Trevor G.) went to Safeway for some food. Then we sat in Trevor G.'s car and talked and listened to music for an hour and half. Amanda and Me then headed to bed because Sunday we had to wake up at 7:00!

More about Sunday and the banquet later.