Sunday, February 22, 2009


What do we do for excitement here at P.U.C. on Saturday nights? Dodgeball tournament!

Last night, our team, The Ballers, played dodgeball. The teams were all suppose to dress-up, so we all wore tie-dye shirts. Peace out! There were 3 girls, and 7 boys on our team. The games lasted 5 minutes each. Each game was intense, the music was loud, the balls were flying fast and hard. We won game after game until we final got to playoffs. The first playoff game was a tie. But we couldn't have a tie! So the refs decided to solve the problem with a game of rock-paper-scissors. And we won! The other team wasn't to happy about that. We played and won one more playoff game and then we went to finals.
For the final game all the bleachers were moved to set a up a central game. There were crowds on both sides. The opposing team looked big and scary and was composed of only guys! The whistle blew and balls started flying. We were soon down to one person and ended up losing. But it was still a lot of fun! The ballers got second place for the dodgeball tournament!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Maya

I have a new cousin! My cousin Stephanie had her first baby, a girl, on Feb. 6 I think. Her name is Maya. I don't know anything else about her yet, like how much she weighed, but isn't she beautiful? I can't wait to hold her!
Random Fact
Cousins on my dads side: 6 girls, 1 boy. Yah for more girls!

Wishful Wenesday

I wish I could be home with my family.

Sitting in front of the fireplace. Smelling my mom's yummy cooking. Me and my sister making fun of my dad. I miss the old times. Why do things have to change?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines Weekend

I spent this weekend with my best friend and wonderful boyfriend Trevor, for Valentines Day. We decided to celebrate on Friday because we figured Saturday would be really crowded. So Friday night he took me out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant called On the Border and the food was delicious! Then we went to the movies and saw Taken. It was a really good intense movie. I liked the ending. Saturday we went to the mall and I got a new summer dress, some green earrings, and a new necklace. Trevor got some tools to work on the Toyota (again). We also went to Walmart to get groceries. Saturday night a few friends came over and we watched hit man. I also made Reese cookies. The first batch did not turn out so well. The bottoms were nice and burnt...they ended up in the garbage. Then Trevor told me his oven burns really hot and that I shouldn't put anything on the bottom rack. Lesson learned. I watched the second batch a lot closer and succeed in making edible yummy cookies! I then brought Trevor a plate of cookies and the Valentines card I had got him. He then remembered to go and get his stuff together... :) Trevor got me a nice card and some really pretty earrings that kind of match the earring I got for my Cartilage earlier in the week. This morning for breakfast I made Trevor and his roommate crepes. I am not a very good cook, obviously since I burnt the cookies. Lets just say I haven't had a lot of practice. Before I left for college this year my mom taught me to make crepes and then we went to buy all the ingredients so I could keep them at Trevor's apartment. I think I did a pretty good job with the crepes today because the guys kept eating them and I even got compliments! Thanks Mom for teaching me to cook one thing right :) After breakfast we watched some more movies on TV while I finished up my laundry. Then the sad part came... saying goodbye. I always hate saying goodbye. Long distance relationships are no fun :( when its time to leave. The drive back wasn't too bad except for it was super windy and really rainy. Happy Valentines Days a day late. Hello another week of school. Uhhh.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting back in Shape

So this week I started working out with a couple of my guy friends trying to get back in shape before I have to wear a bikini again. Plus its good to be in shape so you can be more healthy. And even though my sister is now taller than me, its not going to change the fact that I'm stronger than her.

I usually just go and run for about 20 minutes a couple times a week but it has gotten a lot more intense this week....

Tuesday we worked on shoulders, abs, and arms. After I was done I couldn't even lift my arms to wash my face. I tried doing some pull ups and was unsucessful. My friend had to push me up on all but the first one :(

Wenesday I woke up super sore knowing it was just going to get worse. That night I worked on some core aerobic exercises, wall sits, ran up the stairs a lot (not a smart move for me... I'll explain later), and did a bunch of ab exercises.

Thursday Morning.... I could barely get out of bed. I hope i'll only be this sore in the beginning. I just gotta keep telling myself "No pain, No gain". Round three is tonight....

Want to know why its not a smart move for me to go up and down staris a lot? I trip. A lot. I guess I'm really clumsy and I just don't pick up my feet. A few weeks ago I tripped over a speed bump. Last week I tripped up the stairs almost smashing my face into the wet pavement. Last year I feel down the stairs after getting out of class and yes everyone saw. Lets just say EMBARASSING! I also fall down the stairs at my house all the time and sprain my ankle. I'm just not very graceful. At least not when it comes to walking.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Long Weekend

We had no school last Friday so on Thursday I went to Trevors and did laundry. Friday night we headed to his parents house and then watched Greys Anatomy. It was amazing. Did you know that this week there having a two hour combined Greys Anatomy and Private Practice show? I'm so excited! I had lots of fun playing with Trevors sisters and we had the yummiest tacos at his house Saturday night for Levi's birthday. Trevor worked on his truck and I worked on my paper....
I spent the majority of this weekend writing a 10 page research paper on Smith & Wesson. Here's some random facts I learned about this company.
  • Smith & Wesson is the largest gun manufacturer in the United States.

  • The company is 157 years old.
  • The company is planning on growing in the next 3-5 years even during these bad economic times.

  • There main competition is Glock, Browning, and Ruger.

  • In 2008 they reported a revenue of $295.91 million.

  • They Don't just make guns, they make all sorts of stuff like flashlights, grills, handcuffs....

So I finally finished the writing part of the paper at about 12:30 last night. Then finished adding the charts and finishing touches to the project this morning and finished at 8:43 two minutes before it was due. After staying up so late and waking up at 7:20 to go work out I could barely keep my eyes open during classes today.

Exciting News! I got 3 packages and 1 letter today! I love getting mail and I like sending mail too. I know it might be getting old fashioned but I think its funner! I got a package from my good friends Doug and Shirley with awesome scrap booking stuff and chocolate! I love chocolate by the way :). I also got a package from my mommy that had mail, magazines, and some other stuff I left at home over Christmas Break. The third package I got was a earring I ordered for my cartilidge piercing (picture below). I'm scared to take the original earring out. Plus I'm not exactly sure how to take it out. I think I'm going to need some help from my wonderful roommate Amanda! The letter I received was more like a drawing/thoughts from my sister. My favorite line from the drawing says "Katy. I love you so much that I would eat the sun shine for you. NOT EVEN KIDDING." ahh isn't she so cute and weird lol. I love you too Ashley!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Half way done.

Way to much homework. I don't even have time to write a real blog. Papers to write, assignments to do, socializing, when will it ever slow down? Probably never, right?

This week is mid-terms which means I'm half way done for this quarter and half way closer to spring break! Thank goodness this is a short week. No school on Friday. I'm not sure why either. Just gives me more time to write the 10 page paper due for Monday I guess. Who knows how much homework I'll actually get done over the weekend though.

One good thing did happen this week so far! I got mail from my sister! It was a drawing of a dinosaur. Pretty sweet! More decorations to cover up the ugly walls in my dorm!

Basketball Tournament is at WWU this weekend. Go Lady Lions (my sisters team)!