Thursday, July 25, 2013

Annie and Ruby meet!

My sister got a little black lab a few months ago named Pistol Annie or Annie Oakley. I think her name changes every day. My mom currently calls her butter butt because the little mischievous puppy has ate a tub of butter. Twice. 

So Annie and Ruby finally got to meet when we went to the beach. Cousins forever! And that calls for a doggy photo shoot! 

Ruby rockin' her 4th of July attire. 

Annie was over the photo shoot before we even started... 

Ruby is almost to big to carry! 

"Do we have to kiss??" 

Annie Oakley. 

Daddy and Ruby.

Mommy and Ruby

Time out together. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oregon Dunes 2013

Over 4th of July we went on our annual trip to the Oregon dunes. 
These trips are special to me because its a chance for my family and Hubby's family to come together. 
These trips are actually why Trevor and I are together now. It is where we met and what eventually brought us together. 

The first ride was very eventful. Within 10 minutes my dad had flipped his bike into the water. He went all the way under too. Trevor was super lucky to actually get it on our gopro. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to upload videos from our gopro onto the blog. 

Then about 10 minutes later he rode into a river.... 

Oh dad... nobody is going into help you this time. 

We had beautiful sunny WINDY weather all week. 

Group shot down on the beach. 

Trevor and I took his litter sister out to the beach for some quading lessons. 

 Only got stuck once! 

Little brother on his quad. 

Lots of good memories with our family and friends. 

Posing with my mama. 
 Ruby and Daddy snuggling. 

Long car rides! Thank goodness for electronics to keep us busy. 

 The group out around the fire before dinner. 

Can't wait again till next year!