Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Drilling



I thought I got a picture of Trevor's pumpkin but somehow it disappeared from my camera.

This was super easy to do. Just marked where I wanted the holes and used a drill to make all the holes. 

Happy Halloween! 

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Snapshot "Columbia"

When I first moved to California I told Trevor he HAD to take me panning for gold. 
I just didn't think it was right that I lived in California and had never panned for gold. 

So last weekend we finally made the trip to Columbia.
It used to be a busy town during the gold rush. Now it is a cute little tourist town. 
There is a stage coach, old salon, candy shop, and a bunch of cute little shops.


Then we got to the good part... Panning for Gold!!!!
Notice the creepy face in the background.... 

Not sure I actually found real gold but I got some shiny fools gold and some cool looking rocks. 

Then... the instructor informed me I was doing it all wrong. 
So I got a 5 minute lesson on panning the correct way. 
I actually thought it was a little boring doing it the "Correct" way so when he wasn't looking I went back to doing it my way ;)
Sneaky Sneaky

We came home with lots of yummy chocolate! 
(I don't have to fit into a wedding dress anymore so YAY for chocolate!) 

It was a cool day so I also indulged in some yummy hot chocolate with whip cream on top!

We had a great time! And now I'm a real Californian :) 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ducks Unlimited 2012

Last weekend we went to Oregon for the annual Ducks Unlimited. 
Just because its called ducks though doesn't mean I shot any ducks. 
I wish. 
Out of state hunting licenses are just too expensive. 
My sister shot a rabbit though!
 And we shot lots of trap! Enough to make our shoulders sore and bruised! 

My handsome hubby manning the trap thrower. 

We decided to take our daughter/puppy Ruby so she could go on an adventure too. She had so much fun she wore her little paws out (her paws are actually HUGE). Literally. 
After the first day she would mostly try and stay on grass because her paws were pretty much raw. 
Luckily, many people took pity on her and she always had a lap to sit on. 
I think Ruby will be getting doggy shoes for Christmas. 

It was so nice to see all my family again. It's not to often that we are all together in one place, with me living in California, my sister in Washington, and my parents in Oregon. 

The dads. 

Father and daughter wandering the desert with dinner in hand.... (Just Joking! We didn't eat the rabbit. I'm sure a coyote did though.)

Married 2 months now! 

A beautiful sunrise!

This place is one of my most favorite places in the world. Can't wait to go back! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday Snapshot "Morning Light"

Just a few shots I wanted to share from our hunting excursion this past weekend. 

The one great thing about waking up WAY before the sun, is that you get to see the sun rise. 
Morning light is Amazing! 

The moon was still high in the sky as the sun was rising. 

Sunrise over the mountains.

Glorious Morning Light!

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