Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Leied

My family surprised me with leis for graduation on Sunday!

They were really beautiful, but also heavy! I had three leis! 

Before I had the leis on, my hair was all curled.... but that didn't last long. Even with half a bottle of hairspray in my hair!

Plus, they were very difficult to get over my graduation cap. 

I thought I'd share these pictures of my mom putting the leis on me because their kinda funny :)

THEN.... my mom kissed my cheek. With LIPSTICK on! Then there was lipstick on my face! That explains my half-angry face below haha

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Moving home was great, minus the NO INTERNET!

Luckily that has been taken care of and I will have internet again next week!

For now I'm using the internet at work... after I've finished all my work of course :)

I started work this week! I'm in the real world now! Kinda :)

So I thought I'd finish posting about the actual graduation.

Sunday morning came OH SO EARLY! I woke up at 6 am and started getting all pretty. My friend Allie met me in our room before we headed up to commencement grove for class photos.You could start saving seats at 5am! Graduation didn't start till 9. I know people that went up to save seats at 5 and the few fronts rows were already taken! I guess parents get pretty serious about their seating arrangements!

Trevor and my dad woke up early and saved some seats, they were in the back, but on the aisle so they could take some good pictures.

Now I need to explain a certain PUC graduation tradition. I had never been to a graduation at PUC before, but I had heard that something strange happened. Tortillas are flying all throughout graduation. Pretty much everywhere. I was the third row from the front and I was ducking because I thought tortillas were going to knock off my well-placed bobby pinned graduation cap. After the program was over, this is what the ground below my seat looked like....

 It gets pretty intense!

I thought I would get bored during graduation but it was actually really fun! The speakers were great, and of course the tortialls throwing kept me entertained. From what I hear, my mom brought a whole back of tortillas and passed them out to the family. Well my grandparents got hungry and ate them! My dad also got creative with his tortilla but that's a post for next week's wordless Wednesday ;)

After graduation there was just a huge crowd of families, teachers, parents, and friends! Oh... and there is about a thousand pictures from the event lol. I'll just go ahead and post some of my favorites!

The pictures aren't in order, and in the majority of the pictures not everyone is looking because there were so many cameras going off nobody knew what direction to look in.

I thought I would get emotional saying goodbye to everyone after graduation but I didn't really have time to. After graduation it was so chaotic. I would send my sister to go find people for me! Thanks Ashley!

I know there are some people I will probably never see again. Which makes me sad. Some of my close friends, I will be definitely seeing in the future. Allie and I decided we are going to meet up at least once a year for a girls trip. It works out pretty good since neither of our boyfriends like to travel much. I'm excited to see where our first girls trip takes us! Hopefully we'll get to visit each other this summer too!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Officially Graduated!

Last weekend was very busy, but also very special! 

So many friends and family came down to the Napa Valley to help me celebrate my graduation. I'm so blessed and thankful for each and everyone of them!

It all went by so fast, good thing I have hundreds of pictures to remember it by! 

Right now we are on a mini family vacation on our way back to Oregon, more about that later. 

The celebrations started on Saturday.... 

For church on Saturday we all marched in our caps and gowns. It was kinda like a pre-graduation :) 

The speaker, Jonathan Henderson, gave a great sermon that was very applicable to the graduating class. 

 After the church service we took lots of pictures! Then we went back to my parents camper and had a bbq and just visited with friends and family.

I'll post more about the actually graduation when I have more time!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Brighton Beach

Over Memorial day weekend Trevor and I, and another couple, Chris and Sarah went camping.
We went to New Brighton state beach near Santa Cruz.
When we got there it was pretty much like a tent city. Hundreds of little kids riding bicycles. Babies crying. I'm not a huge fan of camping in populated areas.

I prefer camping out in the middle of nowhere.

But I'm still glad we got to go camping!

On Saturday morning we walked to a pier at the end of the beach where an old ship was sank. It actually smelled really bad.

Trevor in the cold water!

 We didn't do much the rest of the camping trip, just played some cards, went on another walk and cooked on the fire! It was really nice to just relax and hang out with Chris and Sarah :)

Saturday night it started raining which was no fun because we didn't bring any type of cover. 
Chris and Trevor decided to make a fort out of some leftover rain flies. It actually worked for a while...

Trevor's toyota is almost done which means a lot more camping in our future!