Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Camping--Axial RC event

Last weekend we packed up the Toyota and headed to the mountains for an RC competition. Trevor's older brother Brandon works for a company called Axial and they design/manufacture RC cars and parts (RC stands for Remote Control).  Axial hosted the event this weekend.

This was a totally new experience for me, I didn't know what to expect. Lets just say that these guys are really into their remote control cars and they take this event very seriously! During the day there are different events where they race their RC cars through a "trail" and different obstacles.

 Above-Brandon is winching his RC car so he doesn't fall off the ledge.

I had fun watching and taking pictures. The weather decided to surprize us all and rain most of the day Saturday. I was not prepared for rain.

Ruby also did not like the cold weather. I have never seen a dog shiver like her! Trevor and I decided to make Ruby a poncho. But it ended up becoming more of a cape lol.
It actually didn't bother her at all. I think she was happy she was finally warm.

Saturday afternoon we took a drive and ended up in some beautiful places! I love exploring and finding new things. Makes me wish I was a pioneer back in the day!

I think Trevor wishes he was a pioneer too ;)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Snapshot "Ruby Snuggles"

I feel like lately the only pictures I've been posting are of Ruby (our dog).

My excuse?... I don't have kids yet. Heck I'm not even married yet, that will change in 50 days though :)

Last weekend Trevor and I drove to Oregon for my first bridal shower! My awesome sister/maid of honor was in charge of everything and she did an awesome job!

Ruby does pretty good in the car so we decided to bring her along for the 10 hour car drive so she could meet the family!

Here is my favorite picture of the weekend...Ruby loves to snuggle and give people hugs.
Soon she will be to big to hold :(

I'm really grumpy this photo isn't completely in focus... that always seems to me on my favorite picture...

Here are a few other favorites

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday "50 more days!"

These pictures are from Trevors Tool party a few months ago.

Shows how far behind in blogging I am...

Time has been going by so fast these past couple months, only 50 more days till I marry my best friend!
I've always wanted to have a big family. I remember when I was little I would always ask my mom for a baby sister or brother. 

My wish is about to come true! 
Although they have always felt like family, in 50 days it will be official. I will have 4 more little sisters, 2 little brothers, and 1 older brother!  Plus 1 sister-in-law!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Snapshot "Ashley"

I have an amazing little sister and maid of honor.
I think my sister has the most beautiful eyes.
I miss my sister.

She threw an awesome bridal shower for me this weekend.

I wish we didn't live so far away.
I miss going to get coffee together and dancing crazy in the car.
I miss talking with her all the time.

Thank you Ashley for a wonderful weekend and an amazing bridal shower!

These were taken with my Nikon D90 and a 50mm 1.4 lens. It was really bright so I took the photos in the shade. I wish I had set my ISO higher because the original pictures came out kinda dark. I edited them with p*cmonkey.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday

We drove to Oregon to visit my family this weekend. A long drive but totally worth it. We have been busy finishing wedding details and enjoying family time. 

Ruby got to meet her Aunt Ashley for the first time today! 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

(Ruby was fixed last Friday, hence the cone and the evil looks she is giving me )

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Snapshot "Rubicon"

Trevor and I love camping, and we had this big camping trip planned for Memorial day weekend, the only problem was the weather forecast. I probably checked the weather 30 times the week before, and it was constantly changing, but not to anything good.

We ended up going camping in the snow, but that didn't stop us from having a great time!
The snow was actually really pretty. Big flakes came down all day Saturday.

Our first rock crawling trip of the year was on the Rubicon. The only way to get through the Rubicon is with trucks/jeeps that are modified to go over big rocks! Dents and scratches are a normal occurence on trips like these.

We had two vehicles in our group, four people, and one cold scared dog! (the last post was all about Ruby's first camping trip)

Here is a picture of the truck all loaded down. You can't tell but we had every inch of that truck packed with warm blankets and all of our camping supplies!

On Sunday the sun came out and most of the snow melted.

Ruby riding shotgun with mommy!

Dad cooking us some hotdogs for lunch

Some of these pictures were taken with my small digital camera and some of them were taken with my Nikon. I think its pretty easy to tell which ones were taken with which camera lol.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday

Ruby got to go on her first camping trip last weekend!

She was not happy with us that first day....

I made her a nice little bed in the back seat, I even layed down her blankie.
But she didn't want to sit in it, she had to explore everything and she really wanted to be up front with Trevor and I.
To make matters worse, it was also her first time in snow.

(She looks so sad!)

The second and third day of the trip went much better for Ruby. The snow melted, she started exploring, and showed her tough side.
Everytime someone would walk past our campsite she would stand up real tall and start barking. She thinks she is one tough dog :)

Our First Family Picture!

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