Monday, January 6, 2014


We found out a family in our neighborhood was selling boxer puppies. 
Trevor's mom loves watching Ruby, and kinda mentioned something about getting a dog. 
We went over to check out the puppies and couldn't resist! 
We sorta surprised Trevor's mom with a puppy for her Christmas present. 
I say sorta, because you can't just surprise someone with a puppy, she approved it first :) 

She didn't know when we were bringing him over though. 
We brought him home first to meet Ruby. 
A little intimidated, she stuck pretty close to us while Ruby was sniffing her and chasing her all around. 
He was at our house about an hour and in that time he peed twice, pooped and then stepped in it and also must have made Ruby feel she needed to mark her territory because Ruby peed while running making sure she claimed the whole living room. We were then confident Ruby is suppose to be a only child and we will not be getting another dog for ourselves. 

Just look at those eyes!

The girls were so surprised and everyone instantly fell in love. 
Kisses for Rocky's new mommy!

He has already grown so much since the day he came home. He listens pretty well and plays great with the girls. I think he is going to be a great addition to the family :) 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Party down South

We were invited to a Christmas party at Trevor's brothers house down in Southern California. 
We barely made it over the grapevine before they closed it due to the snow. 

Dress code: Dress and bow tie.
Trevor had a custom bow tie made by Chanel's Custom Crochet and kept it a secret from everyone until right before the party. The bow tie was a hit! 

We had a lot of fun getting dressed up for the party. Trevor insisted it was suppose to be a ugly Christmas sweater party. So glad I talked him out of that one... 

We had a lot of fun playing games, eating all the yummy food Michele made and meeting new people. 
Great Christmas party!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A trip to urgent care

 Trevor was out in the garage working on his Chevy the day after Thanksgiving. 
He calmly asked me to come and I reluctantly came thinking he needed help moving something. 
I found him with a bloody towel wrapped around his hand and my first thought is that he cut a finger off. 

Thank goodness it was only a cut... A very deep cut though.
After he got the bleeding to stop he wanted his mom to glue it together. Her first look and she sent us to urgent care... 

Lots of blood... I'd say the grinder won that night. 

So happy that we didn't have to wait, we were the only ones at urgent care. 

 The doctor did a very good job stitching Trevor up. He even showed us how to do it. 

A few stitches later, a tetanus shot, and some antibiotics and we were on our way home. 
He still doesn't have much feeling in one half of his thumb but it has healed up nicely.