Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Snapshot "Rudyard"

Almost every summer when I was little we would go to a little town on the highline called Rudyard.

It was once a booming town.

Now there is a welcoming sign that reads "Rudyard, 596 nice people and 1 old sore head!, rip snorting and raring for business".

My great grandma raised her family in this town.

I have memories of...
 riding my bike to the junk yard with my uncle to look for treasures,
first lemonade stand in front of the general store,
staying up late in grandma's kitchen eating cantaloupe with salt,
riding our bikes down every street in town.

Now when I go back to visit, I realize how much I miss this place.
Many of the buildings are now boarded up and run down.
Our family that once lived here has passed on.
The only thing left is memories.


I think the only thing open when we drove through was the museum pictured below.

We stopped and visited with the care takers.
We looked through the buildings that displayed years and years of history.
We found pictures of family members displayed in the old school house.

Main Street pictured below.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday "Montana"

Montana is probably one of my favorite places ever.
The sky is really so much bigger there. I guess that's why they call it big sky country.

Almost every summer when I was little we would go there to visit family.
So many amazing memories.

Last weekend Trevor and I flew to Montana for a family reunion.

I loved showing him all the small towns and telling him stories of our summers spent there.

One day we all went exploring on bikes.
 Fields of wild flowers and rolling hills for miles.

Only 22 more days till we are married!

The next family reunion isn't for 5 years, I'm hoping that one day we have the chance to go back soon.
I'll miss that beautiful big sky country.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Snapshot "4th of July"

 Trevor and I spent 4th of July at his parent's house.
Homemade ice cream.

Ruby wasn't too bothered by the fireworks, she had some friends to keep her company though... :)

Trevor and his little sister :)
I didn't take these pictures in manual, because when the fireworks started going off I didn't have time to figure out all the settings. I did turn the flash off, hold super still, and cross my fingers some of the photos turned out!

Hope everyone else had a great 4th of July too!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012


A few months ago when my parents came to visit my mom helped me plant some tomatoes. I love tomatoes!

I have a variety of 5 different tomato plants and they are doing great so far!
Still green, but I can't wait till they turn red and I can eat them.
Home grown tomato's are so much better than store bought ones.