Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lake Berryessa

Saturday I spent the day at lake Berryessa with a few girlfriends. We mostly just layed in the sun all day to work on our tans. I learned that I'm not very good at applying sunscreen. My hips are burnt and I'm a little pink in other areas. Oh well... hopefully it just turns into a tan!

Me and Allie

Group shot

Soaking up the sun

Me and Allie again

I brought a knife to protect us from the Zodiac killer. Yes this is the lake he attacked at :/

Kait's tan lines
Sillyness :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

After spending all last week worrying about what I was going to do over Memorial Weekend since all my friends were leaving. I decided to drive to Eastern Oregon to meet my family and some friends for a camping trip! My parents were a little uneasy since it was my first drive to Oregon by myself. I skipped my one class on Friday and left around 9:30 a.m. after watering my garden :). I also had a truck full of stuff I didn't want at school anymore. I thought I would get tired driving but I think I was just too excited to get there because I beat everyone by an hour! I got to the destination about 5:00. We ended up camping at Anna Resevior Campground in Summer Lake. That night after dinner we all hung out by the campfire. It was so nice just relaxing in front of the fire and looking at all the stars.

Being Silly with mom :)

Saturday morning we all loaded up in the trucks and headed to Avery Pass. My dad wanted to take everyone to this old homestead up there. To get there you have to go four wheeling and cross a river. We got to the river... and it was little to high. My mother's remark "Your dad never thinks anything through... of course it's going to be to high with all the snow melt." lol as we all got out to check out the river my dad decided to see how deep it really was in his new ugly water shoes. My grandma started screaming "Rod Rod get out of there" it was pretty funny. Two steps into the river and he was already up past his knees. Good thing he thinks its still the 70's and wears short shorts. Otherwise he would have had wet pants.

Since we couldn't get through that way my dad decided to drive all the way around and come in the back way. A few stops were made in between consisting of jelly belly and sour patch kids flying through the windows of the trucks. My favorite line from my grandma after getting hit in the face with a jelly belly... "I'm wounded!" haha. After a couple hours of driving on dirty and gravel roads we finally made it to the cabin. A lot of the building was collapsed but it was still fun to look around. I can't image how hard it was to live out there so far from civilization. While we were out at the old homestead me and my sister took my Grandpa's metal detector out to find some hidden treasures :)! I made her be the digger while I used the neat machine! We didn't find much.... just part of an old trap and a few rings for horse bits.

On Sunday, we split up into different groups. My mom and shirley took the gator and went to look for indian artifacts. Me, my sister, my dad, and doug loaded up the ATV's and went riding on the dunes in Christmas Valley. It was fun to finally ride again. The last time I got to ride ATV's was in August. The only bad part about those dunes, is that there pretty dusty and we all got dirty and tired of the dust fast. On the way back, I was following my dad in my truck pulling the little ATV trailor and we pass a sherif. I look in my rear view mirror and see him turning around! Bad news since we were out in the middle of nowhere and there was nobody else he'd be turning around to pull over except us! So I quick rolled down the front windows since the tint is illegal and sure enough, he pulled me over. He came up to the window and explained why he had pulled me over and then asked for my drivers license and thank goodness thats all he asked for because I currently don't know where my registration is! Wanna know why I got pulled over? I don't have my front license plate on. The cop also asked if the person in front of us was with us... I said yes... and he told me to tell them to put their front license plate on too. So thank goodness I didn't get a ticket. That was my first time ever getting pulled over, and hopefully my last.

After that we all went back to camp for a little while and then loaded up in the trucks and me and Ashley in the gator and headed off across dirt roads in search of the lost cabin. Me and Ashley decided to have more fun than everyone else and documented our adventure on the gator. We were going pretty fast, drifting corners, and jumping. Once we got to the lost cabin, or should I say found the lost cabin... We got the guns out and started shooting. We shoot cans for a while and then moved on to more exciting things... shooting birds :)
Ashley and the bird she killed

The Lost Cabin

Perfect Place to put a gun :)
Overall the weekend was very fun and relaxing. I got to eat lots of yummy food, hang out with my family, and go on some crazy adventures. I'm sad to be back at school :( At last only two more weeks till finals. '

Monday, May 18, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert

The Taylor Swift concert was awesome! Best concert I've ever been too. She changes her outfitt eight times and does a bunch of other cool stuff in the concert. Kellie Pickler was the opening act and she was also very good. I love her southern accent. Both girls were awesome live.

Twins :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Joys of Home

I've really missed Oregon. It's good to be home, at least for a weekend.
Yesterday I almost didn't make it to the airport because the traffic on the 80 was so bad. I was praying like non-stop. Good thing I have a friend that showed me a shortcut :).

Ashley picked me up from the airport and we rapped the whole way home. Yes were white girls that like to rap lol. When I got home I got to see my grandma and mom and dad. Mommy made tacos for dinner and I ate so many I just went and layed on the ground because I felt like a beached whale.

After that I watched Greys Anatomy.... What the heck!? Do they really expect us to wait till October to see who lives and dies? Not fun. After that I went up to my room and what do I see? A new dress and sweater! My mom and Ashley picked out a new dress for me last week :)! Ashley has the same dress. I think were both going to wear them to church today and be twins hehe. It will be like old times. My mom always used to dress me and Ashley alike when we were little. We hated it.

It was nice to sleep in my own bed again. I woke up early to the sound of the little birds chirping and then the loud crows... which hopefully won't be present tomorrow after a little recreational activity (if you know what I mean ;)). I just got done snuggling with my mom in bed and now I'm going to go help my dad wash the corvette so we can drive it to church. I'll post pictures later of me and Ash in our matching dresses lol.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week gone by

I haven't blogged in a while. Probably because nothing too exciting has happened.
This week at school wasn't too bad. I only had a paper due on the role and treatment of women in the world and in the church. My grades are looking good. Only three more weeks till finals and instead of going home. I'll be stuck here for another month.

Good news though. The sun is finally back out. The sun always makes me happier. The sun makes my garden grow better too. Now if only I could find the motivation to go out and wash my truck. I wonder how many good looking PUC guys I can find to help me :p

My dad came to visit last weekend and we had a lot of fun visiting job sites and hanging out. We got a personal tour of the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield because my dad is helping supply them with pallets. It was pretty awesome because the normal tours were going on and they were stuck in a glass walkway while me and my dad were on the floor eating jelly belly's right out of the machine. We also got a lot of free candy. Which seems to have already disappeared. Hmm I wonder where it went :).Friday night my dad and Mr. Buller took me and my friends out to dinner in Rutherford. It was fun to hear my dad tell stories again. Then Saturday we went to the Coonce's house for Brandon's bachelor tool party. It was good to see everyone again. Especially the girls, who I have really missed.

Tomorrow.... I'm going home! Finally! Only for the weekend though. I get to eat lots of yummy food. See my family. Go to a Taylor swift and Kelly Pickler concert! Yep Yep gotta get my cowboy boots out.